Music Artwork

MNNQNS - Release Party Poster

Poster Design & Screen-Printing Format: 30 x 40 cm Print: Black Ink  / Ceam Canson paper 160gr / 30ex

Screen-printed poster made for the release party of MNNQNS’ first album BODY NEGATIVE at La Maroquinerie


MNNQNS - China Tour Poster

Poster Design & Screen-Printing Format: 29,7 x 42 cm
Print: Golden Ink  /  Black Canson paper 160gr / 30ex

Screen-printed poster made for MNNQNS’ first ever China Tour in 2019.

Ready to ship within 5 working days.


Servo - Alien

Album Artwork
Label: Fuzz Club
Format: Vinyl, 12”, Album
Released: 2020

Cover Artwork for dark psyche trio Servo’s second LP, released on Fuzz Club Records.

Servo - Artwork

Animated Artwork
Screen-printed Merchandising

Audio reactive visual & logo for dark psyche band Servo, adapted for screen-printing on T-shirts & Tote-bags


Logo Design

Logo design for upcoming Rap/Metal MVL9KA’s project.


Kumusta - Kumusta #1

Cover Artwork
Label: Kids are Lo-Fi
Format: Tape, Ep

Released: 2019

Tape artwork for post-punk band Kumusta’s first release featuring cars, violence and small macaroni.


Dharma Bum - Artwork

Screen-printed Merchandising

Screen-printed Posters & T-shirts for Dharma Bum’s merchandising.

Dharma Bum -  Deux

Album Artwork
Label: Montagne Sacrée
Format: Vinyl, 10”, EP

Released: 2019

Cover artwork for Dharma bum’s second EP out on Montagne Sacrée.

Dharma Bum - Dharma Bum

Album Artwork
Format: Compact Disc, EP

Released: 2018

Cover Artwork for psychedelic band Dharma Bum’s debut EP.

Cayman Kings - Suffering Chelsea Boots

Album Artwork
Label: Sound Flat Records
Format: Vinyl, 12”, Album

Released: 2016

Cover artwork for garage fuzz band Cayman Kings’ debut album.

Delancey - Transcontinental Breakfast

Cover Artwork
Format: Digital / Tape, Album
Released: 2018

Delancey is an experimental rock band from Rouen, with two guitars and drums. During my travels in Japan, I took this picture of a typical asian restaurant and used it as a basis for the artwork of their debut album Transcontinental Breakfast.

Delancey est un groupe de rock experimental Rouennais composé de 2 guitares et d’une batterie.
Durant mon séjour au Japon, j’ai photographié ce restaurant asiatique typique et j’en ai fait la base de l’artwork pour leur premier album Transcontinental Breakfast.

Nosfer - Elixir Volume 1 : Premices

Cover Artwork
Format: Digital, Ep
Released: 2017

Arwork for mysterious hardcore rapper Nosfer, whose dark music is based on the satanic imagery as well as explicit references to drugs.